Meldin® Rods: Meldin® Rods 7000 series

Meldin® Rods: Meldin® Rods 7000 series

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Meldin® 7001 – unfilled grade

Meldin® 7003 – dry vacuum grade with 15% molybdenum disulfide

Meldin® 7211 – lowest friction grade with 10% PTFE and 15% graphite

Meldin® 7021 – self-lubricating grade with 15% graphite

Meldin® 7022 – thermal stability grade with 40% graphite



In line with different requirements of the industrial market, Meldin® product family can provide:

  • High temperature resistance; intermittently up to 482°C and continous use temperature up to 315°C
  • Wide chemical resistance
  • Dimensional stability at eleveated temperatures


Semi finished Polyimide parts are machined to finished parts which are then used in various applications in the

a) automotive industry: thrust washer or piston rings in transmission and pumps replacing tradional metals

b) aero space industry: jet engine parts such as pads, bumpers, seals and bearings

c) industrial machinery: thermal insulators for hot runner nozzles used for injectionn molding of thermoplastic products such as PET-preforms

d) electronic industry: semiconductor manufacturing process equipment with high purity, high resistance to solvents, oils and other chemicals while maintaining a high thermal stability and high electrical insulative properties. Meldin 7001 grade can meet these extreme requirements and is applied in very broad applications.

Meldin® Rods: Meldin® Rods 7000 series

Additional information

Meldin® Grade

Meldin® 7001, Meldin® 7003, Meldin® 7211, Meldin® 7021, Meldin® 7022


6.30 mm, 9.50 mm, 12.70 mm, 15.80 mm, 19.00 mm, 22.20 mm, 25.40 mm, 31.70 mm, 38.10 mm, 44.50 mm, 50.80 mm, 63.50 mm, 82.50 mm


965.20 mm