Dexnyl© 185 TPI

Dexnyl© 185 TPI

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BIEGLO offers Dexnyl PI-s in three different particle sizes and specifications:

DexnylTM 232 PI-s-Powders:  thermosetting polyimide (PI-s) with Tg of 232 °C, natural granule suitable for molding, direct forming, and compounding

DexnylTM 330 PI-s-Powders: thermosetting Polyimide (PI-s) with Tg of 330 °C, natural granule suitable for molding and compounding

DexnylTM 240 PI-s-Powders: carbon fibre reinforced PI-s with Tg of 240 °C, suitable for molding and compounding

PI-s powders applications:

• Can be used as a compounding material to produce parts and/or coatings with enhanced thermal properties

• To produce high temperature, self-lubricant and wear resistance semi-finished and finished parts through compression molding or direct forming

• High strength and heat resistance gears, bearing, sealing elements, etc.

• To produce non-toxic fire retardant products

Dexnyl© 185 TPI

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Particle Size:

232 thermosetting PI, 330 thermosetting PI, 240 carbon fibre reinforced PI